Month: November 2023

Best weather in Copenhagen (26/09/2023 – 29/09/2023) – The English Porofile (Q2a) reports

Mrs. Veit’s English Profile (Q1a) visited the Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen at the same time as Mr. Frahm’s PE Profile (Q1). The school was big and had a cool architecture which didn’t have much function according to our fellow Danish students. It was modern, bright, open and because of the only big staircase in the middle of the building very centralised and extravagant. The rooftop terrace is a highlight from up there you had a great view.
Our project was an exchange with the Danish students concerning topics like public transport, the education system, the standard of living and our social contacts and activities.
– Back in Germany, we had already made some key points for each topic we wanted to discuss with the Danish students who we knew from their visit to. On Wednesday, we talked to them there to get their point of view and lastly put everything into a presentation that we later held in front of the other groups. –
Then on Thursday we had the task from their religious education teacher to make a presentation as a class about Christianity in Germany and how it is dealt with Catholics and Protestants in Germany which we later presented to the Danish students.
Copenhagen is a cool city with lots of bikes and interesting shops, but they as well as the food can be expensive. There’s great food everywhere, and the city is very clean with friendly people. You can explore the city centre on great boat tours on the rivers and canals and enjoy activities like museums and cinemas. We also took part in a boat tour and watched a film in the nostalgic “Palads” cinema.
The stay in the hostel “Next House Copenhagen“ was surprisingly good – it’s a party place with clean rooms, delicious food, and a modern vibe. The hostel has fun activities, but some might cost extra. The place is decked out with cool decorations, and there’s even a rooftop bar with music.
Talking about birthdays, two girls from our course turned 18 on the trip. Emma’s day wasn’t so great because of a long school day and too many activities. Plus, some friends and family were missing. On the other hand, Bjerle had a better time with more free time, shopping, and nice gifts, even though there was still a long school day.
So, Copenhagen seems like a city full of excitement, and the hostel has added an extra layer of fun to your stay. And, well, birthdays can be hit or miss depending on how the day plays out.
We started our trip to Copenhagen at the Itzehoe train station at 2:30 pm. Our train to Hamburg left at 2:54 pm and we arrived at Hamburg central station at around 4pm. Our class had an hour before our train to Copenhagen left. During that time we were able to get some food for the ride. The train left Hamburg central station in the late afternoon and arrived in Copenhagen at around 9:45 pm. After we had gathered everyone, we left Copenhagen central station to go to our hostel. Fortunately we were still able to eat something for dinner and quickly went up to our rooms after that to get some well needed rest.
The day came to an end. On our day of departure we had enough time to get everything ready. Mr. Frahm kindly offered us to get something for each of us at the local supermarket for our ride back with the money we had left over from our Erasmus+ budget. – After that we went to Copenhagen central station, where we took one last photo of us all together. Our train to Fredericia left at 12:56 pm and arrived there at 2:38 pm. We didn’t have much time to change trains in between to get to Rendsburg. In Rendsburg we boarded our next train to Elmshorn where we finally took the last train back to Itzehoe. We finally arrived at 7:30pm.

written as a co-working project by: Aylin Asadova, Johanna Brackhagen, Emma Gehle, Finja Geib, Janna Glenz, Bjerle Koske, Leni Kunzmann, Luisa Lucht, Leon Miggitsch, Julius Wendt, Anna Zietz