Month: October 2022

Students of the Q2e on their visitt to the Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen

“My highlight was the exchange with the Danish students”

As early as April 2022, Ms. Kopp and Mr. Frahm made their first visit to the Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen to establish a long-term cooperation between the schools. At the end of September, 13 students of the Q2e left for Copenhagen, accompanied by Ms. Hoffmann and Mr. Frahm, to realise the first Erasmus+ funded project with the new partner school in Copenhagen.
In terms of content, Timothy Snyder’s ideas for promoting democracy were the focus of the project, in addition to the general exchange about everyday school and personal life. The basic text had been worked on in advance by both classes in their geography classes, so that options for promoting democracy in everyday life could then be discussed on site in Copenhagen.
In addition to the substantive work in the classroom, there was also time on the trip to see the impressive school building on the island of Amager and the entire Danish capital with its innovative (bicycle) infrastructure, ‘hygge’ city center and imposing new buildings on foot, by bike, in the driverless metro or by boat.
The final conclusion about the trip to Copenhagen was very positive. Not only Lorenz (Q2e) thought that the exchange with the Danish students was one of the highlights. This is particularly pleasing because preparations for further visits are already planned – in Copenhagen but also in Itzehoe – so that other students of the senior classes will also be able to benefit from the cooperation between the AVS and Ørestad Gymnasium in the future.

Author: Benjamin Frahm