Auguste Viktoria Schule Itzehoe

Learning success

  • Arrive at the AVS with Lions Quest, Socrates, active and strong plus II
  • Optimise the class climate with anti-mobbing
  • Train correct spelling with dyslexia training
  • Support talented persons with enrichment
  • Overcome problems with learning coaching

Digital learning

  • work with an iPad from the 5th grade on in Tablet class
  • “bring your own device“ with our BYOD concept
  • Digital timetable with WebUntis
  • digital communication with IServ
  • – Wi-Fi access for everyone thanks to the school wide network

Open all-day school

  • Projects like pottery, fischertechnik or mountain biking, …
  • Lunch and breakfast in our canteen


  • The AVS takes part in the Erasmus+ program

AVS means …

…Auguste Viktoria School, but also stands for ambitious, visionary, social.

Our aspiration is no less than to teach tolerant interaction in the spirit of the 21st century, to strengthen the self-confidence of each individual, to promote media skills and to impart grammar school educational content in order to educate children to become cosmopolitan, reflective young adults.


Queen Auguste Viktoria