Student Council

The Student Council (SV → „Schülervertretung“) is an initiative elected annually by the class representatives to represent the interests of the students. The tasks of the SV include mediation between students and teachers as well as the organisation of school events. We work closely with our liaison teachers (Vertrauenslehrer): Ms Periñan-Anillo and Mr Janku

The Student Council currently consists of 17 students from the senior and middle grades.

How can I find out about the current work of the Student Council?

Of course here on the AVS homepage or on the notice board next to the Student Council room, where all important and interesting news are posted. Obviously, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have in person.

How can I contact the Student Council?

If you would like to contact us personally, you can come to the Student Council room on the first floor of house 1 every Wednesday throughout lunch break and visit us. During this time, student representatives are always present in order to realise your wishes and suggestions as best as possible.

Talk to us or write us a message!