Learning Coaching – learn what’s inside you!

” To see clearly,

all it takes, often is a change in the direction of vision.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Learning Coaching Team

First of all, it is important to delineate what learning coaching is not: Learning coaching is not a professional tutoring, not a remedial teaching, not a homework help, not a learning therapy and not a psychological counselling.

Coaching is a form of counselling that focuses on the question of “how to learn”, not on the content of the individual subjects.

During the coaching, the coachee (= the person who is seeking the counselling) is placed in the centre and should learn to discover and improve his/her abilities.

In doing so, we look out for your strengths together, solve learning blockades and build self-confidence.

You want to…

  • improve your motivation
  • deal with exam and presentation anxiety
  • improve your time management
  • understand your own learning problems
  • actively shape your own learning?

Then get active and contact a learning coach at the AVS!

Most of the time, only a few sessions are needed to achieve a change – this depends on the topic and the commitment of the student and individual need.

Appointments are arranged in conversation between the coach and the coachee and take place in the learning coaching room.

  • open to everybody
  • voluntary participation
  • absolute confidentiality
  • free offer
  • willingness to actively participate
  • coachee must independently revise any material missed in class

You are free to choose which coach you would like to work with.

  • personal registration in a conversation with the coach you trust
  • request by e-mail of the whole team via lerncoaching@avs-itzehoe1.de
  • by e-mail directly to the coach you trust (teacher’s initial@avs-itzehoe1.de)