Open All Day (School Clubs)

Since August 2010, the AVS has been an “open all-day school”, i.e. we offer different types of projects from Monday to Friday, in which pupils can participate voluntarily.
In addition there is a „Wartezeitbetreuung“ from Monday to Thursday (eng.: waiting time care) where students can do fun things and wait for their bus or their parents. They can also do their homework there with older pupils or teachers.

A warm lunch is also provided in our modern canteen.

Projects 2nd half of 2022/2023

If not agreed differently, the projects will begin on February 13, 2023!

Waiting time care and homework care take place

Monday-Thursday: 7th – 9th lesson in room 120

Please pay attention to short-term changes!!!





If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism or praise :-), please feel free to contact us at

  1. Meyer (
  2. Croppenstedt (



The participation for the pupils is free to choose. Whether costs are incurred depends on the respective project. The same applies to the minimum age of the participants. The information is located in the overview of offered projects.

Binding registration: registration form

The projects are offered by teachers, pupils and parents.

New project offers are always welcome.

Projects Offered

number 1 Homework- and Watingtime-care
leading teachers of the AVS
time Monday to Thursday, 7th to 9th lesson
location Learning workshop, room 120
grade level 5 – 9
number of participants unlimited
project description The support in the learning workshop is intended for students who are waiting for their bus, who have to bridge the time until the start of their project or who need help with their homework.

Until April 9th, 2023, Ms. Jakobson will take over most of the hours in the care and play, do handicrafts, read, … with you. You discuss together what wishes, ideas, etc. you have and implement them together.

Participation is free of charge, but if regular care is desired, a binding registration and the corresponding deregistration in case of illness or similar are absolutely necessary.

In case of short-term changes, e.g. in the timetable, you can also spontaneously take part in the care.

number 2 Active Break
contact person Mr. Beltz
time according to timetable
location gym or playground and park
grade level 5 – 9
number of participants unlimited
project description You have the opportunity to make your break “moving”. We have balls, skipping ropes and other toys for you that you can borrow on the playground. On which days you can borrow the devices between 12:10 p.m. to 13:05 p.m. or 13:05 p.m. to 13:55 p.m.can be seen in WebUntis and we will add a notice or an e-mail.

Participation is free of charge, pre-registration is not necessary.

number 3 Hip Hop
leading Mara Groeschke (8d), Rebekka Hegeler (8e)
time Wednesday, 7th + 8th lesson lesson
location E16/E17
grade level 5 to 8
number of participants max. 15
project description We want to dance hip hop with you to current songs, teach you the basic steps and design choreographies. We are happy to meet you.
number 4 Creative Workplace (Arts and Craft)
leading Ms. Jakobson
time Thursday, 7th + 8th lesson
location E07
grade level 5 and 6
number of participants max. 10
project description Are you interested in creative projects, such as making tie-dyed T-shirts, decorative concrete or candles? You want to try DIY projects and creative trends? Then you’re right here. If your interest is aroused, please register. I look forward to meeting you!

The project is planned till the easter holidays and is for free. There are material costs of about 10 to 15 €.
number 5 Work with Clay (Pottery)
leading Mr. Hebbeln
time Tuesday, 8. 8th + 9th lesson
location 118
grade level 5 – Q2
number of participants max. 8
project description Do you like to work creatively and want to let your imagination run wild? Would you also like to make a small work of art out of a lump of clay with your hands?
wonderful! Then this project is definitely the right one for you! You will learn how to model busts, figures and reliefs as well as how to create vases and mugs. You’ve got unique ideas? Great! I’ll help you with the implementation. The fired objects can be painted and glazed as you wish. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn everything you need to know about “working with clay”. For every session you’ll have to pay 2€ for material costs.
number 6 Mountainbiking
leading Mr. Beltz
time Wednesday, 8. 8th + 9th lesson
location Meeting point by arrangement
grade level 5 – 6
number of participants max. 10
project description

Fun with Fitness Training? Then you’re just right choosing this project. Action in the woods and on the meadow – just cross-country mountain biking.

Bikes are available and can be lent there.

number 7 Learn the Guitar with Fun
contact person Mr. Hertges
time Monday, 7th lesson
location E28
class level 5 – Q2
number of participants maximum 10
project description

Would you like to finally learn to play the guitar? We want to start with simple chords and practice old and new pop and rock songs together. We’ll choose suitable songs together, and ideally you’ll be playing your favorite songs by the campfire in the summer!

Feel free to bring your own guitars, we also have a few guitars at the AVS. We will discuss this in more detail on our first meeting.

number 8 fischertechnik
leading Mr. Alpen
time Wednesday, 8. + 9th lesson
location 224 (PC room 1 in house 1)
grade level 5 – 8
number of participants max. 12
project description
Technology is exciting. According to this motto, we build technical models with the modular system from fischertechnik.

In the second term we also want to experience technology in a fun way every Wednesday. Regardless of whether it is mechanics, statics, electrics and pneumatics, hydraulics, 3D printing or computing, all possible technical models can be built with fischertechnik construction kits.

Our motto: “Playing with technology is fun!”. I’m looking forward to curious future “engineers” – so let’s get to the boxes …


number 9 Theatre (Drama Club)
leading Damien Volland (Q2a)

Mr. Timmermann

time Friday, from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. (The project is billed as a 90-minute project.)
location Aula / house 2
grade level 5 – Q2
number of participants max. 30
project description
We continue to work on our production of “Krabat”, which we want to show in May/June in Itzehoe and Würzburg. You are welcome to come and take on smaller tasks.

number 10 Learn to Play the Piano
contact person Antonia Chalubowicz (8a)
time Tuesday, 9th lesson
location E28
grade level 5 to 7
number of participants max. 3
project description I offer students who have no previous experience with the piano to learn the basics of playing the piano and some easy to difficult pieces. This will not be a competition, just for fun and voluntary learning. Everybody will decide which level of skill he or she wants to play. If necessary, there will be a short audition in the auditorium at the end of the 2022/2023 school year shortly before the summer holidays (in consultation with the course participants).
number 11 Drawing
leading Mike Alpen, Tom Petrat (8c)
time Friday, 7th lesson
location 101
grade level 5 – 7
number of participants max. 15
project description

Here you will learn the basics of drawing, for example:

  • how to draw people and animals (anatomy)
  • how you create your own drawing style
  • which materials you need for drawing
  • what is important for drawing
  • where you can improve.
number 12 Crating Jewelry
contact person Antonie Meyer, Ira von Saldern (9c)
time Monday, 8th lesson
location 128
grade level 5 to 7
number of participants max. 15
project description

You want to learn how to make necklaces, rings, bracelets and much more? Or do you want to make great gifts for everyone you love? Then you’re just right here. If we have aroused your interest, please register. We look forward to meeting you!

A fee of approx. 10 to 15 € will be charged for material.

number 13 Ball Sports
contact person Mr. Wulff
time Tuesday, 7th and 8th. lesson
location will be announced
grade level 5 – 8
number of participants max. 20
project description Would you like to have fun in a playful way and be active in sports at the same time? We want to try out different sports — everything is possible from football to basketball and volleyball to dodgeball. I look forward to meeting you!
number 14
Everyday Skills in Studies and Vocational Training
leading Mr. Thomas
time tThursday, 8h to 9th lesson
location 155
grade level E, Q1, Q2
number of participants max. 20
project description

You’ll get an introduction in

  • taxes, including filling in tax returns, ELSTER portal
  • Everyday law and contracts, including rental contracts, purchase contracts, employment contracts, conclusion of contracts, right of withdrawal
  • Insurance, including statutory and private health insurance, liability insurance
  • Old-age provision, including statutory pension insurance, private and company pension schemes, Riester, Rürup, life insurance
  • Transfer payments, including Bafög, training allowance, housing benefit, responsibilities, application
number 15 Soccer for Girls
contact person Fiena Carlotta Michaelsen, Jette Zietz (Ed)
time Friday, 7th to 8th lesson
location E15
grade level 5 bis 7
number of participants max. 10
project description Hello girls of the years 5 6 and 7.

Are you interested in football, have you always wanted to play football or do you already play?
Then you’re just right here!

Together we will practice how to handle the ball well, learn cool tricks and of course play football really well. Together we will have much fun with practicing and playing. All you need is sports gear for the gym, something to drink, a good mood and a desire to exercise. We are waiting for you!

number 16 Arboretum – the Forgotten Tree Garden in Itzehoe
contact person Mr. Zint
time Wednesday, 7th to 8th lesson
location 101
grade level 7 – 10
number of participants max. 15
project description

Drawing trees, leaves, landscape, moulding, collecting –

Right next to the school there is a park that used to be a “tree garden” (arboretum, from the Latin arbor = tree). This has long been forgotten, but can still be seen or at least imagined on signs and walls. And that’s why there are so many exotic trees that don’t actually exist here!

When the weather is good, we want to go in the park and in the adjacent forest to look for these trees, identify them, draw them and collect their parts and when the weather is bad, we want to draw at school, cast moulds, press leaves and blossoms and then create our own “tree diaries” with all the samples we have collected and our pictures.

number 17 Plattdüütsch for Beginners and Lüüd de Wat Tolehren Willen.
leading Ms. Graeper
time Tuesday, 6th lesson
location E06
grade level 5 to Q2
number of participants max. 10
project description

Together we will experience an introduction to the Low German language and literature and deepen the subject where your interests are. Possible ideas are a small language course, a Low German reading, a historical insight or what are your ideas?

No previous experience is necessary.

The project is for free.

number 18 Plattdeutsch
leading Ms. Kühl
time Thursday, 7th lesson
location E06
grade level 5
number of participants max. 10
project description

For everyone who would like to learn Low German.

With lessons, games and small sketches we want to get to know this language.

You are also welcome to come if you already have knowledge and can help me as an expert in teaching language skills.

The project is for free!

General and important :
 The projects (approx. 17 dates per term) take place on school days after regular classes (not on days when there are no classes).
 Project duration 45 to 90 minutes (bus travel times are taken into account).
 project fees

45 minute project 21€
second 45 minute project 18€
every further 45 minute project 15€
90 minute project 42€
second 90 minute project 36€
Every further 90 minute project 30€
costs for siblings

45 minutes

90 minutes




homework- and waitingtime-care for free
material costs Included (deviations see individual projects)
Non-members support association 5€ one-off (except upper level)
Payment by invoice 5€ one-off processing fee


  • The support association of AVS e.V. is the sponsor of the open all-day school. As it bears the entire financial risk, joining is very welcome!t! For children whose parents are not members of the association, an additional half-yearly fee of €5 will be charged for administrative expenses. As we would like to enable every child to participate in the projects of the open all-day school, we ask you to contact us if participation is not possible for financial reasons.


  • The projects run for the duration of half a school year, after which a change is possible. Anyone who has decided to take part after the first two visits to a project commits to participating for half a year. Late registrations are only possible if there is free capacity, the costs will then be calculated accordingly.


  • Participation in the projects of the open all-day school is basically voluntary, but you also commit to regular participation. We would therefore like to ask you to give your child an excuse to ensure supervision or to cancel your child’s registration by telephone in the office if he or she is unable to attend.


  • No liability can be accepted for unauthorized leaving of the school premises.


  • If there are too many registrations for a project, an attempt will be made to offer another similar project. If that doesn’t work, a lot will be drwn.


  • The projects will start on February 13, 2023, so submit your registration to the form teacher or the office (pigeon-hole of the OGTS) by February 9, 2023 at the latest. However, later submission and participation is usually still possible if projects have found a sufficient number of participants and can therefore take place.

The list of participants is duly hung up (probably by February 10th) in the OGTS – display case. PLEASE LOOK UP !

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