Media Scouts

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Digitalisation is one of the great challenges for students, their parents and, last but not least, teachers today. Digital media are becoming more and more important in our society, contacts are made and maintained through the so-called ‘social media’, communication is largely done via smartphone or tablet, and the desire for digitally trained workers is also growing in the professional world.

Digitalisation brings many advantages and makes life easier, but there are also various risks and dangers that cannot be overlooked, be it the open handling of personal data – the “transparent person” -, “fake news” etc..

Contents and tasks

Media literacy includes two different areas: the pedagogical-preventive area, which focuses on competent and responsible behaviour in a digital world.

The second important area is the technical area. This is about the correct use of hardware (tablet, smartphone, computer) and software (apps).

Whereas the first area concerns the tasks of mobile phone scouts, the tasks of media scouts can change depending on their personal focus – for example, one person may specialise in software, whereas another is more interested in repairing or reprocessing old equipment and a third becomes an expert in apps and software.

Who can become a media scout?

Media scouts are primarily recruited from students in 9th grade and above. If there is a justifiable suitability (e.g. members of the tablet class), it is also possible to work for our media scouts in earlier grades.

Contact persons: Ms Röper and Mr Reinke