Würzburg trip 2023

Würzburg trip 2023

For the third time, the AVS theatre group travels to Würzburg to present one of its productions at the “Theater am Neuenerplatz”.
In March 2020 – very shortly before the lockdown – the ensemble showed there the crime comedy “No Friends? Keine Feinde!” by Barbara Peters (Director: Alina Göttsche, Felix Werner, Ute Timmermann / Music: Niklas Kremer). After the “Corona break”, the theatre group performed the tragedy “The Ship Esperanza” in March 2022 (directed by Ute Timmermann, music by Niklas Kremer). This year, the theatre team will present their latest production “Krabat” there on 11 June 2023 (Director: Damien Volland, Ute Timmermann / Music: Niklas Kremer). The play is based on the book for young people “Krabat” by Ottfried Preußler, which Nina Achminow has adapted for the stage.

Krabat (initially played by Mathilda Bauermeister, later by Rebekka Hegeler) is an orphan moving from village to village with a group of beggar boys when he suddenly hears ravens talking, who want to lure him to the mill at Koselbruch. Curious, Krabat follows the ravens. In the mill at Koselbruch he meets the master (portrayed by Jelena Harder), who hires him as an apprentice boy. Krabat gets to know other miller boys at the mill: Tonda (Aaron Setzke), Juro (Magnus Bauermeister), Lyschko ( Marlene Schauer), Petar (Esther Großklaus), Andrusch (Jannike Mohr), Staschko (Sontje Behm) and later also Lobosch (Diana Grishchenko) and Steephan (Nala Vollstedt).
Krabat soon notices that things are not going right at the mill. The mill dwellers can do magic! But what is even more serious: All the miller boys are put into mortal danger every year!
During his adventures, Krabat also meets the Gevatter (portrayed by Ela Sisman), two merchants (played by Nala Vollstedt and Sontje Behm) and a village girl whose name he doesn’t know. He calls her “the Cantorka” because she was the precentor at the Easter Vigil (played by Mara Groeschke).
What is going on at the mill at Koselbruch? And how can Krabat save himself and the other miller boys?

Why Würzburg? There are two reasons.
The one “good reason” is Niklas Kremer, who was a student at AVS for four years before moving to Würzburg in 2019. Niklas acted in “Der Löwe ist los” (The Lion is Loose), “Der Herr der Diebe” (The Lord of the Thieves) and “Die rote Zora” (The Red Zora) at the AVS before he wrote a play himself as an eighth-grader, which was performed under his direction by the AVS theatre group: “Der Schatz der Manganer” (The Treasure of the Mangans). Niklas invited his former theatre group to visit him in Würzburg and organised the group’s guest performances. In Würzburg, Bavaria, he makes sure that a school theatre group travelling from Schleswig-Holstein finds an audience there.
The other good reason for Würzburg as a guest venue is the “Theater am Neunerplatz”. The private theatre was founded in 1985 as a “children’s and youth theatre” and still offers a lot of cultural activities for this age group. The AVS theatre group can perform here on a professionally equipped stage with excellent lighting and sound technology, hangings, curtain, laced floor, orchestra pit etc. – without having to invest a lot of work in setting up. The theatre director Sven Höhnke is a warm good soul with a lot of understanding for the children and young people and makes the premises available not only for the performance but also in the days before for rehearsals, lighting and set-up. Without this generous and warm reception, such a guest performance for the AVS theatre group would hardly be possible.

This year, the theatre group is travelling to the city on the Main with a total of 21 people. More than half of them have already been on at least one of the other Würzburg trips. They agree: “Würzburg is a beautiful city and it is very exciting to do a performance there in front of people who are not pupils or parents of the AVS. It’s really something special!” and “The cohesion is really cool!”

The performance on 11 June 2023 in Würzburg will be the premiere for “Krabat”. After that, the group also wants to give performances in Itzehoe. But the Itzehoer performance dates are not fixed yet.

Author: Ute Timmermann