School life

90 Minutes: Longer lessons offer time for deepening and intensification.

School is a subject to a constant process of change, in which it is important on the part of the school to design lessons in a modern and effective way. When the length of the school lesson was set at 45 minutes, about 100 years ago, the general conditions were certainly different and the demands on the design of a lesson were not those that apply today. Nevertheless, many schools still use the original timetable.

Our experience:

45 minutes are often too little to adequately refer to the desirable methodological elements of a school lesson. Some things cannot be done in the necessary depth or fall by the wayside entirely in 45 minutes:

  • Checking homework
  • Silent, partner or group work
  • Work at learning stations
  • Implementation and evaluation in experimental lessons
  • Saving results
  • Explanation of homework
  • Answering open questions

Double lessons open up more possibilities. Students have fewer subjects per day. This makes the school bag lighter. At the same time, students have to prepare for fewer subjects and can work in a more focused way. Reduction of subjects in one school day reduces daily homework. In addition, the school day is more compressed; even in the upper grades, free afternoons are possible.

The more generous break structure allows a more relaxed change between house 1 and house 2, but also within the old building.

The 1st lesson starts at 07:55 am and the 9th lesson ends at 3:25 pm .

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Our mission statement

In our school, learning and teaching is done in a variety of ways with mutual respect and tolerance.

We want our school to teach students how to handle responsibility and make personal decisions within the learning process. Our instructional program provides for several areas of emphasis:

  • Bilingual branch and foreign languages
  • Strengthening of the natural sciences
  • Sports
  • Individual support
  • Extracurricular cooperation

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Respect and consideration are necessary for living together in a school community. These school rules are intended to help ensure the safety of those at school, to avoid unnecessary disruption of lessons and to protect the facilities from damage.

Violent confrontation and the damaging of objects of any kind constitute a particularly serious violation of the school rules.

  1. Behaviour during lessons / in the classroom

1.1 The school buildings are generally open from 7.10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (correspondingly earlier if classes close earlier). The secretary’s office is usually open during school hours from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Thursday 2:00 p.m., Friday until 12:30 p.m.).

1.2 Before classes begin and after school, students may be in their classrooms and in the cafeteria, provided that the classes of other learning groups are not disturbed and that the cleaning staff can clean the buildings without hindrance.

1.3 If a teacher has not yet appeared in the classroom 10 minutes after the start of a lesson, the spokesperson of the learning group shall report this to the secretary’s office.

1.4 All students are jointly responsible for the cleanliness of the classrooms and in the school area as well as the careful treatment of the furnishings. Damages are to be reported to the janitor immediately. The students concerned are liable for wilful and negligent damage.

1.5 In order not to disturb the lessons of other learning groups, any noise in the building and on the schoolyard during lessons is to be avoided.

1.6 During scheduled class time and during breaks, students of the lower secondary school may leave the school grounds only in exceptional cases and then only with the permission of a teacher.

1.7 In the learning groups, stewards are to be designated to air and clean the room of waste and wipe the blackboard during breaks.

1.8 The learning groups shall put their chairs on the desks after the end of class and ensure the cleanliness of the blackboard and the room.

1.9 The subject rooms may only be entered with the permission of a teacher. Special instructions for the use of the subject rooms are given by the subject teachers at the beginning of the school year. Subject rooms in which teaching is not taking place must always be locked.

1.10 The use of classrooms outside of school hours must be requested from the school administration in good time. The janitor must be informed.

1.11 In order to secure their personal valuables, students must act on their own responsibility throughout the school premises. The school or individual teachers cannot assume liability for lost valuables, i.e. valuables and larger amounts of money should not be brought to school if possible.

1.12 Lost property must be handed in to the seretary’s office immediately.

  1. Breaks / Lunch Break

2.1 During the long breaks, all students of the lower secondary school leave the classrooms. Teachers will not leave the classroom until all students except for the stewards have left.

2.2 Secondary students will stay in the schoolyard or Cirencester Park during recess. In order to preserve the plantings in the schoolyard, they are not to be trespassed upon.

2.3 Ball games of any kind and running around are prohibited in the school building. Throwing objects (e.g. snowballs, chestnuts, etc.), sledding and dangerous games are prohibited in the school area.

2.4 Ball games are only permitted in the appropriate areas and on the provided equipment. Any danger to others must be avoided

2.5 Upper school students are permitted to leave the school grounds during free periods and breaks.

2.6 Smoking and alcohol prohibitions are subject to the guidelines of the Department of Education.

2.7 Rain Break: In the event of rain, the major breaks will be “rung off” at the direction of the yard supervisor. Students remain in the school building or go to the school building and stay in the hallways (but not in the classrooms). The yard supervisors reinforce the supervisors in the building.

Lunch Break

2.8 The longer break should be focused on eating, moving and relaxing. Outdoor exercise should be used whenever possible.

2.9 The classrooms remain locked.

As lessons and offers of the OGTS are taking place, it mustn’t be noisy, and attention must be paid to an appropriate volume.

2.10 Lunch is taken exclusively in the cafeteria.

2.11 During the lunch break, eating has priority over other activities (homework or games). Dining tables and chairs must be cleared for this purpose.

The cafeteria rules apply.

  1. Audiovisual media

3.1 The aim is to enable students to use audiovisual media on their own responsibility through the skills taught in lower secondary school, so that sanctions should not be needed anymore, when they enter upper secondary school. At the same time, the restricted use of mobile phones during school hours is intended to avoid possible sanctions under criminal law.

The recreational value of the break is emphasised by the following regulations:

3.2 Mobile phones, players and their accessories are to be turned off and put away before entering school grounds. Mobile phones may only be used in the AVS main building in the entrance area of the old building.

3.3 Photography/filming on school grounds is only allowed with special permission from the school administration.

3.4 For upper school students, responsible use of audio-visual media during free periods is permitted in house 2 only in silent mode or with headphones.

3.5 In case of violation, the device will be confiscated until the afternoon. In case of repeated violation, the pedagogical measures (§ 25 Schulgesetz SH) will applied.

  1. Way to School

4.1 Students are only insured on their direct way to school. This also applies to events outside the school (learning elsewhere). The generally applicable traffic regulations must be observed. This also includes the use of existing bicycle paths.

If learning groups have to move between the buildings, this must be done in a direct way.

4.2 The access road between the street (Große Paaschburg) and the designated parking spaces may only be driven at walking speed. Any other driving on the school property is not permitted; this applies in particular to the parking lot in front of the school. Bicycling, scooting, skating, etc. are not permitted on the school grounds.

4.3 Parents and other guardians are urged to stay out of the parking lot in front of the school building when dropping off or picking up their children.

4.4 The parking spaces in front of the school building are exclusively available to the teaching staff of the Auguste Viktoria School during school hours.


Decision of the school conference 14.06.2017