The AVS sees itself as a school where not only knowledge is imparted, but where the students also learn tolerance, co-determination and democratic action.

Erasmus + is an EU funding programme that financially supports face-to-face encounters and digital exchanges between students and teachers in 30 countries.

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The AVS has been awarded as a healthy school. We are very happy about this, as it expresses a lot about our self-image as a school community. Many areas of school life were closely scrutinised as part of the certification:

– School conditions and relationships as framework conditions for the health of all people involved in school life
– Health literacy of all school actors
– School culture and school climate (well-being and shaping of relationships among each other)
– Quality of teaching and school life
– Quality management of the appropriate structures and responsibilities
The feedback from the auditors was very positive: “The colleagues can be proud of their work and the great cooperation.”

The AVS was awarded the title “Digital Model School” and is one of a total of 113 schools in Schleswig-Holstein.

Once a year, the “Zukunftsschule.SH” initiative of the Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Quality Development in Schools (IQSH) awards this award to schools that implement the slogan “Today, do something for tomorrow!” actively implement.

The award is valid for two school years.

The AVS is part of a courage network that includes more than 2,000 schools and educational institutions nationwide. Every year, projects, action weeks, theme days, declarations of solidarity and other creative activities take place at the AVS, where the focus is on the initiative of the students

Approaching each other and learning from each other are the basics of the cooperation between the Auguste Viktoria School and the Steinburg School in Itzehoe, which has been going on for about 20 years Long before the term was taken up in the public and political debate, the idea of inclusion had already arrived here.

The AVS is one of the 44 model schools that integrate Low German into the classroom. Since the 2017/18 school year, fifth and sixth graders have had the opportunity to learn “Plattdüütsch”.

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