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For teaching and interaction at the AVS, we work with methods that allow all students to develop freely according to their own abilities.

This is what makes the special atmosphere of our school, which creates the conditions for successful and future-oriented learning.

Offer of assistance in case of conflicts:


Process of conflicts:

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One component of the support for particularly gifted and interested students at our school can take place within the framework of the state programme “enrichment”. The certificate conference decides on admission to this programme. For participation in the enrichment courses, which take place in addition to the classes between the fall and Easter vacations, there is a fee of €50 per semester. The courses offered delve into topics of science and technology, economics, and sometimes offer languages that are not found in the normal offerings of the schools.
Another component of our gifted education programme is participation in the school’s “Clever Kids Club” (revolving door model). Here, particularly interested students can work independently on freely chosen projects and, if necessary, make the knowledge gained there available to fellow students.
Of course, it is also possible to register for participation in Junior Academies.
For further information, please contact Ms. Wykowski.

Article: Physics is only for boys?! Not at all!

    Approaching each other and learning from each other are the foundations of the cooperation between the Auguste Viktoria School and the Steinburg School in Itzehoe, which has been running for about 20 years.

    Long before the term was taken up in public and political debate, the idea of inclusion had already arrived here.

    The fact that children with physical and mental disabilities can enrich the lives of healthy students was the basic idea when Frauke Looft launched the cooperation project more than 20 years ago. The goal of the cooperation between the two schools is to help the high school students overcome their fear of contact with the students from the special school and to sensitize them to the special needs of these young people.

    The students of the Steinburg School should experience a sincere appreciation and feel “in the middle of things” as an important part of our society and not far away from the other schools. To promote this and to reduce the shyness and reluctance towards people with disabilities is the goal of living inclusion at the AVS.

    Since the beginning of the cooperation, classes of levels 5 and 6 of the AVS have been visiting the Steinburg School during the orientation period and, in return, the children of the “Förderzentrum” visit the grammar school.

    Throughout the years, a friendship has grown from the “cautious approach” of both sides, which is lived more and more intensively by further activities.

    The fact that this works very well and offers great learning success and added value for both sides is shown by a short review or outlook: During several project weeks (2012-2016), joint art projects were offered by both schools, in which the students painted expressive and colorful, very special pictures on canvases – together – under the guidance of female artists from the region.

    For some high school students, the free spirit of the Steinburg students allowed them a new approach to their own creativity.

    Some of the resulting pictures were exhibited in Kiel’s state parliament in the fall of 2012 and sold for donations or auctioned off at school festivals.

    Jointly developed sculptures make the idea of inclusion present in both schools.

    Other projects also made it possible to work together, to “approach each other”, so pottery was made, the art of drumming was learned, cooking and eating together, sports were played or the Breitenburg forest was explored.

    Joint projects were also achived with great enthusiasm outside of the project weeks:

    “Together in one boat” was how about 30 students from both schools experienced Lake Barmstedt during an excursion that took place in June 2014 in the best summer weather.

    Students from both schools also started together in AOK runs – with success!

    Not the times were crucial, but only the motto “Together to the finish”. In the future, we want to “go towards each other”, as well. For example, a joint circus project was realised in spring 2018. Students from the lower classes rehearsed and presented smaller circus acts together with the Steinburg students.

    All children should be enabled to approach each other in a playful way and to learn from each other. To achieve this, we offer a project that takes adolescents out of the obvious teaching-learning situations in the classroom and encourage encounters in a casual environment.

    Above all, attention is paid to a cooperation that strengthens and promotes each person in his or her individual abilities.

    Being active and having fun together, laughing and being silly, but also creating and presenting something great together is always a special experience for students from both schools.

    The classes of the fifth sixth and seventh grade are divided into two groups twice a week for one hour each.
    These groups are taught alternately in parallel in two subjects (G/E, M/E or M/G) by their subject teachers. For example, instead of one hour of English and one hour of German with 28 students each, there is twice one hour of English and twice one hour of German with 14 participants each; thus, work can be done much more intensively.

    The AVS works closely with various extracurricular institutions in order to sharpen the students’ awareness of social reality. For example, during the orientation phase there is a regular exchange with the Steinburgschule (special education center with a focus on mental development).

    Our school participates in the “Be smart, don’t start” prevention programme against smoking and works on drug prevention in the middle school, with the support of the health department.

    For the higher grades, in addition to subject-specific excursions, events such as debt counseling, Pro Familia (contraception/AIDS prevention), external clubs/associations, and discussion groups are offered to address socially relevant topics.

    Cooperations with local companies (e.g. Holcim, Stadtwerke) and the IZET (Summer Science School) enable the students to deal with professional reality at an early stage and to think about a professional orientation.

    In addition, social, political and economic topics are also explored in depth by inviting external speakers.

    In order to learn successfully, children need not only subject-specific skills, but also additional skills that can be applied in all subjects. In addition to motivation, this also includes suitable learning and working strategies.
    It happens, that despite talent and diligence, the outcome of school performance isn’t satisfactory, if e.g. a negative self-awareness, fear of failure or examinations or a lack of a suitable learning management affect the achievements negatively.
    In this case, we would like to offer all students at AVS a counseling service that enables individual support and is designed to effectively help change learning for the better.

    Further information:

    Learning Coaching – learn what’s inside you!

    Waiting times for a project, missed classes, or unfortunate bus schedules unfortunately always mean that you will have to bridge time.

    • From Monday to Thursday, individual classrooms that are not used during lessons are available as a lounge. There you can do your homework, chat with your friends or borrow games from the learning workshop (Taboo, Uno, knowledge quizzes and many other board games) to use in the respective common room. So there will be no boredom!
    • Older students are present as contacts and supervision. The rooms and the names of the caregivers can be found in the OGTS showcase.

    Learning Workshop

    Our learning workshop offers extensive opportunities for encouragement and individual support with new materials and dedicated teachers.


    • From Mondays to Thursdays, students can use material for challenging and supporting in all subjects with the help of the subject teachers in the 5th and 6th lesson.
    • Participation is free of charge for our students.
    • You can come for a few hours, for a semester or for a whole school year, registration is not required (but possible) and we welcome any new learning workshop visitors.


    • The supervising teachers will create a plan of action with you and your subject teachers. Here, goals are set for what you would like to repeat or deepen.
    • We have materials for all subjects to practice, textbooks, and computers and tablets to work with. You can also bring your own material.
    • Each student has his or her own drawer in the learning workshop where you can store your materials.
    • The groups are much smaller than in a school class, so the learning workshop teachers have much more time for each individual student.

    Special features:

    • A team of specially trained teachers works with the students concerned once a week using an innovative dyslexia training programme.
    • A timetable for the respective subjects and supervising teachers can be seen on the door of the learning workshop and in the OGTS showcase
    • Of course, you are also welcome to come and do your homework.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Gruitrooy and the learning workshop team.

    We have made good experiences with the programme “Lions Quest”for many years.It is used by the class teachers of the 5th classes on the first days after enrolment to make it easier for the children to arrive at the new school and to get to know their new classmates, who come from many different primary schools. This has a long-term positive influence on the social climate in the new classes.
    The focus of teaching with “Lions Quest” is the planned promotion of students’ social skills. They are supported in the long term to strengthen their self-confidence and communication skills, to establish and maintain contacts and positive relationships, to deal appropriately with conflict and risk situations in their everyday lives and to find constructive solutions to problems that puberty in particular often creates. At the same time, the teaching aims to offer young people guidance in building their own, socially integrated value system with the help of this programme.
    Further information can be found at:

    When it comes to the topic of dyslexia, there is a great deal of uncertainty, even in terms of terminology.

    There is often a great lack of advice and orientation among affected students and their parents.

    That is about to change!

    At the AVS, we offer concrete support for affected students:

    Based on the assumption that the framework conditions for learning has a decisive influence on the learning success, we offer various possibilities in the learning workshop:

    On the one hand, techniques are taught to “clear the mind”, on the other hand, we provide exercise material.

    This means that we combine structured learning of spelling and its basics according to Uta Livonius’ dyslexia programme with psychomotor and ergotherapeutic approaches.

    Learning and concentration games promote the children’s cognitive development as well as their ability to learn and concentrate.

    In this way, the foundation is formed for both a positive motivation to learn on the part of the students and for their learning success because we are convinced of this at AVS: Every child can learn to write correctly! Everything you practise gets better!

    School social work at the Auguste Viktoria School

    Melanie Johannsen


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