Month: April 2023

Visit of Danish students at AVS

„De var bare SÅ søde!”
Visit of Danish students at AVS

After Mr. Frahm and Ms. Hoffmann visited Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen in September 2022 accompanied by a group of 13 students from Q2e, eight Danish students plus a teacher of German visited AVS in late March.
On March 28th and 29th the Danish guests experienced everyday school life at a German high school, tried out their German language skills and got to know Itzehoe as well as the school. They were taken by the hand by ten AVS students. In addition to the time in class, the harmonious exchange group also used time slots in the afternoon and in the evening to exchange ideas and get to know each other. In addition to everyday topics such as German/Danish music, the group also touched on more political issues such as the Danish “Jantelov”.
Everyone involved experienced the visit as a great (personal/communicative/social) enrichment, and after the first get-together a Danish student raved about the AVS students being “SÅ søde”. While another group from Denmark will come and visit AVS at the end of April, the next trip of AVS students to Copenhagen is scheduled for September 2023.

Author: Benjamin Frahm