Month: March 2023

Visit from Galicia

During the last week of March, 18 students from Galicia were visiting our AVS.

Source: Norddeutsche Rundschau, 31/03/23

Q1 philosophy-courses in the Museum of Work

On March 7th, 2023, the philosophy courses of Mr. Wenderoth and Mr.
Löbel made their way to Hamburg to visit the Museum of Work
and to look at the exhibition about the origin of the universe.

A report by Finja Geib

Road Safety Training with Virtual Reality

Traffic education with VR headsets at the AVS

In the week from March 20th to 24th, 2023, Ms. Strauzenberg and Ms. Hilse from the Fraunhofer Institute IVI Dresden were guests at the AVS to present the 6th year of the traffic prevention program “Safe with Grips”.(

With the help of VR headsets, our students were able to experience typical dangerous situations on their way to school and also take on the perspective of other road users!

We would like to thank Ms. Strauzenberg and Ms. Hilse for the implementation of the great program as well as our support association, which made the realization of this innovative prevention program for the students of the AVS possible with its financial support!

Attached is the link to the NDR reporting and the article from the Norddeutsche Rundschau!,verkehrssicherheitschule100.html

Source: Norddeutsche Rundschau, 24th of March 2023

Right or law doesn’t necessarily mean justice

Directed by their German teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, students of a senior classes German course learn how right and justice is dealt with in literature. For that purpose they invite the screenplay writer of the film “Der Fall Collini”.

Source: Norddeutsche Rundschau, 3rd of March 2023