Orientation level of the AVS (years 5 & 6)

Orientation level of the AVS – arrive and cast off!!

In the two years of the orientation level (grades 5 / 6), the students arrive at the AVS: Together we consolidate and deepen the basic school material, get to know the AVS subjects and their methods and explore the new school atmosphere.

Promoting independence , taking responsibility for one’s own learning process and enjoying learning are at the centre of our educational approach.

The profile of the orientation level atthe AVS in an overview:

  • Focus of the different classes in the 5th: all-rounder, tablet, researcher and sports classes are available to choose from for the new AVS students.
  • Class tutor team , (usually male/female) who accompany the children through the orientation level.
  • Class teacher lesson , in which the Lions Quest and Socrates fit and strong plus programme is used to systematically strengthen the class community, strengthen self-esteem and prevent conflicts.
  • Introductory days and days to get to know each other as well as a media school day: Media and method training get you in shape for digital learning with video conferences & Co.! Pupil godparents from the 9th year support and accompany the children from the beginning
  • OGTS (Open All-Day School): Possible participation in a variety of exciting working groups and projects
  • Coaching offers: Special and mandatory LRS (training for pupils with dyslexia) and DAZ (German as a second language) lessons, school-internal tutoring network “Lerndock
  • Clever Kids programme : Opportunity to promote special talents with the revolving door model.
  • School social worker : Ms. Johannsen is available to the students with advice and action if necessary.
  • Other highlights of classes 5/6: four-day class trip (5th), project days during the project week, hiking days and visits to the theatere and cinema, the AVS Christmas bazaar, participation in numerous sporting events, Sextaner carnival and much more!


Are you an athlete through and through? Or do you just enjoy exercise and being part of a team and getting to know and trying out new sports together with others?

Then our focus class Sport is something for you!

Together with your classmates and your class teacher team, you will discover your special talent, develop your strengths and learn to deal better with experiences of success and failure in a team, because we also take part in school sports competitions and competitions together. (E.g. the Itzehoer Störlauf, youth trains for the Olympics).

In the sports focus class, you will receive one additional PE lesson (physical eduction) per week without increasing the total number of lessons.

-> Find out more here in our sports class info flyer !




Are your smartphones and tablets a constant companion in your everyday life? Then you might already guess that there is much more to them than just the game apps ?!

Get to know the next “level” with the tablet class at the AVS: Become fit for the future in the tablet class by using the tablet as a work device, acquire digital strategies and skills and discover the world of digital learning together with your classmates!

As an excellent model school for digital learning, we at the AVS have been teaching strategies and digital skills that are essential in the world of tomorrow as part of our media concept since 2016.

Find out more here in our tablet class info flyer!




Have you always wanted to discover the secrets of nature and analyse, question and research connections?

Then you’ve come to the right place with our researchers in the “Researchers” specialization class.

Together with your classmates and your class teacher team, you will investigate many natural phenomena and experiment a lot, also directly in nature! Because excursions to the nearby Breitenburg Forest or to Cirencester Park, which borders our school, are part of our agenda!

In the “Researcher” focus class, you will receive an additional lesson of research per week without increasing the total number of lessons.

Find out more here in our research class info flyer!




Do you have a wide range of interests, are curious and enjoy learning?

Join our all-rounders in the team!

We learn together in a variety of ways, also with new media, with mutual respect and tolerance!

In addition, there is always something going on here, even after the end of the lesson! In the projects of the open all-day school, everyone will find something for their taste:

Whether it’s theatre, music, sports, cooking or chemistry… we welcome everyone who enjoys discovering and trying out new things.

Find out more here in our all-rounder info flyer!

Become a strong community with Lions Quest and Socrates fit and strong plus 2

We have had good experiences with the programmes Lions Quest (https://www.lions-quest.de) and Sokrates fit and strong plus 2 (https://ifa-ggmbh.de/sokrates/) for years the class management of the fifth grade use the programmes on the first days after school enrollment and later in everyday school life in the class teacher lesson to make it easier for the children to arrive at the AVS and to get to know their new classmates, who come from many different elementary schools

The focus of the class teacher lesson, which takes place once a week, is the targeted and planned promotion of the social skills of our pupils.

Also delivered by using the Lions Quest and Socrates pedagogical materials mentioned above, this lesson will support students to increase their self-confidence and communication skills, build and maintain contacts and positive relationships, deal appropriately with conflicts and risky situations in their daily lives meet and find constructive solutions to problems.


Studentgodparents for younger pupils

There has been a mentoring project at the AVS since 2010, in which fifth grade students receive support and help with minor and major problems from selected ninth grade students.

The guidance itself begins with the introductory days for our new pupils in year five, during which the godparents support the new 5th graders as coaches in the building and on the way to school and give all sorts of tips and assistance so that everyone can quickly settle in and feel good.

The guidance is then continued and intensified over the course of the school year, for example in a workshop led by the godparents on the use of mobile phones and other media.

In addition, the godparents support the children in selected lessons, during breaks or at parties and excursions and sometimes also when there are things to be clarified outside of school.

The respective student godparents are well prepared by Ms. Kriech for their responsible task.

A three-to four-day class trip four year five takes place in spring. The destination is somewhere in Schleswig-Holstein.

The school trip, the Christmas bazaar as well as various theater performances and other activities (e.g. author readings and the “glow in the dark” competition) also contribute to a positive atmosphere and strengthen the class community.

Your contact person:

Mrs. Christiansen (head of years 5 and 6)

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