Bilingual education

“Those who grow up with only one language remain below their potential.”

Martin Spiewak


Contact person: Christine Veit (Vt)


English is required in a lot of jobs as a means of communication, courses of study and also job interviews often include English shares. It becomes more and more important to deal with technical terms in the foreign language. Since 1996 the has been offering bilingual education. Students are first introduced with technical terms in geography and then taught in English. Later other subjects can be included. The participation in the bilingual teaching will be noted on the report card.

In the orientation level, the choice for geography taught in English is possible in the 6th grade, regardless of whether another focus has already been chosen.

In the middle classes there is the possibility to learn geography bilingually then,i.e. the geography lessons are held in English. The evaluation of the class contributions and tests refers only to the performance in the subject, i.e. the performance achieved in geography. English proficiency is not assessed in bilingual classes, which allows a more relaxed, freer and more holistic learning of English.

The number of English- and geography lessons is the same in every grade, there is no additional hourly load. After every school year there is the chance to change the geography course into German upon request. Also entries at the beginning oft he school year are possible (here a consultation is required).

In the senior classes English may be taught in a subject (in particular geography, biology, history or economy/politics) in some teaching units, especially in the language profile. Because of organisational reasons there are variations from one year to the next.

The abitur examination in geography have already been held in English on request.

The aim of bilingual education (see the AVS school programme) is the confident command of the English language in everyday situations as well as in areas like economics, science, culture, technology and politics, in order to make study or vocational training abroad possible.

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Teacher Second subject
Mrs Dancker English
Mrs Hoffmann English
Mrs Reimers English
Mrs Veit English