“I paint the noses as crooked noses on purpose so that people are forced to look at them.“



Subject chair: Birgit Ruhlig (Ru)


Images in all forms are at the center of our art classes: They are also an essential means of information and communication in other subjects, but in art, dealing with images is also a way of understanding them as a means of expression – as a way of using that to learn to understand the world with one’s own figures and to make one’s own reality, one’s own view of the world visible.
We teach a variety of manual and artistic processes and techniques and include the interests of young people as well as role models from art history and contemporary art.
Our focus in secondary level 1 is practical, experimental and process-oriented learning, but we also teach the basics of theoretical terms and principles.
In the senior classes, reflecting on one’s own work processes as well as the perception of other images gains in importance.
But the most important thing is that design is fun – and this can hopefully be transferred from art classes to all areas of life.

Teacher Second subject
Mrs Blöcher English
Mrs Hansen German
Mrs Ruhlig