En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, …“

M. de Cervantes Saavedra; Don Quijote


Subject chair: Sonja Wykowski (Wy)

Spanish Department

Spanish is gaining in importance and already has more native speakers than English (cf. Kathrin Sommerfeldt/Ursula Vences, “Weltsprache Spanisch”, in: Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht, Jahrgang 8, Heft 31, 4. Quartal 2010, pp. 4-11, p. 4.). Since 2009, Spanish Language Day, el día E, has been celebrated every year on June 19th. So it is not surprising that the language is also of great interest to pupils. Many have already come into contact with the Spanish language through holiday trips and are now looking forward to deepening their knowledge. Pupils who have studied Latin or French before will be surprised at how quickly they are able to access simpler texts. The learning strategies they have already acquired in other foreign languages help them to acquire this great language.

Since the 2008/2009 school year, our school has been offering Spanish as a new foreign language from the introductory phase (E1) onwards. In the introductory phase and the first year of the qualification phase (Q1.1 and Q1.2), the focus is on the acquisition of linguistic structures and the learning of competences that enable the students to find their way in everyday situations (De compras, El tiempo libre, En el restaurante…). Conversations can be soon be held in the foreign language. In the second year of the qualification phase (Q2.1 and Q 2.2), the focus of the lessons is then on dealing with regional studies and/or literary topics.
Since the 2017/2018 school year, we have also been offering a Spanish course as part of the elective compulsory lessons from grade 8 (G8) or 9 (G9).
By a student exchange with the IES Laxeiro in Lalín (Galicia) since September 2018, we try to support and enrich the learning process of the students through practical experiences. The pupils of the 9th classes of the WPU Spanish course and the 10th classes of the Spanish courses live with families and take part in the local school life. With the help of joint activities, language barriers are quickly overcome and self-confidence in dealing with the foreign language is gained.
Whether as a third foreign language from grade 8 or starting late in the introductory phase ……

¡vamos a aprender español!
Sonja Wykowski (Subject chair Spanish)

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