Religious education

“Faith is the beginning of all great works.“

Martin Luther


Head of Religious Education: Sabrina Freuling (Fr)


Department of religious education

The protestant religious education welcomes children from all religions and confessions. They enrich the lessons with their experiences and perspectives.

The goal of the lessons is to give the children the opportunity to ask (critical) questions, to explain their opinions and to give their thoughts about God. That way we deal with the questions about the origins of life and about the social responsibility of humans in the world. We are researching where the biblical stories come from and what they can tell us to this day. The foundation for this is the protestant-Christian faith which we get to know and understand. Nevertheless, other cultures and religions dohave their place as well.The focus lies on the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

The lessons in the senior classes are structured similarly. Furthermore students are introduced to scientific work and they critically deal with the fundamental theological questions.

The AVS offers catholic religious and philosophical education as well.

Be smart – don’t start
Every year our school signs up with numerous classes for BeSmart.
As part of addiction prevention, which takes place in cooperation with the public health department of Itzehoe in the 7th grade, the 6th and 7th grade (partially even if the religious education isn’t taught in the later grades) participate in the competition. The AVS wins prizes with different classes regularly, recently they even won the main prize and one other prize (100€ and a trip to Albersdorf). So the current three creative contributions of the AVS can be found on the BeSmart website. A radio report, an information brochure and a logo made from collectedcigarette butts were sent in.


Teacher Second subject
Mrs Freuling English
Mrs Graeper English
Mrs Kühl German
Mrs Löbel Mathematics
Mrs Scheiter Latin
Mrs Timmermann Computer Science, Mathematics, Drama
Mr. Löbel (Catholic religion) German, Philosophical education