Physical Education (Sports)

“Higher, faster, further”

Olympic motto


Subject chair: Jürgen Engel (En)


Subject departement Physical Education (Sport)

Sport is very important at the AVS.

  • Sport focus class (since 2011/12). From grade 5 onwards, one class is provided with an additional PE lesson thoughout a total of two school years (i.e. a total of 3 lessons a week).
  • Compulsory elective lessons “WPU – Healthy Movement or Getting fit by Movement”: Here, with the help of two additional weekly lessons in the form of a course, a range of sports is taught that complements everyday physical education classes.
  • Sport profile class in senior classes
  • Swimming lessons are held in the class all year round and can also be chosen as a possible subject for the “Abitur” in PE.
  • With the installation of “AVS Canoe”, the use of 13 three-seater canoes and one ten-canoe including two trailers and complete additional equipment is possible for water sports.
  • In addition, a class set of mountain bikes is available to the sports department.
  • A beach volleyball field, the adjoining Cirencester Park and the Kaiserstraße sports field also offer other good opportunities for outdoor sports.

Year-round participation in various sporting competitions and activities of regional and national importance, e.g.:

  • AOK-run
  • Students triathlon
  • Relay marathon
  • Kreisschwimmfest
  • Youth trains for the Olympics
  • Beach-Volleyballmasters
  • Störlauf

Organisation of our own sports turnaments

  • the Volleyball Challenge Cup
  • the junior high basketball tournament
  • Athletics Sports Festival (grades 5-9 / since 2014)
Teacher Second subject
Mr Beltz
Mr Decker Music
Mr Engel Religious Education (Protestant), Russian
Mr Felgendreher Maths
Mr Frahm English
Mrs Gruitrooy French
Mrs Hoffmann English, Spanish
Mrs Kopp English
Mr Sieberns English
Mr Stoltefuß German
Mrs Strecker Biology, Chemistry
Mr Thias Biology
Mr Trupkovic Economy and politics
Mr Wulff Maths