Philosophical Education

“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity.“

Immanuel Kant

Head of philosophical education: Jonas Wenderoth (We)

All topics are related to the four questions of Kant:

  • What is the human? (Anthropology)
  • What should I do? (Ethics)
  • What can I know? (Epistemology)
  • What can I hope for? (Metaphysics)

These questions are dealt with from the 5th grade upwards as direct references to the real life are made.

In the senior classes the questions of Kant are dealt with profoundly, in a propaedeutic way and currently.

Besides these topics, the skills of philosophising (debating, questioning, reasoning, extrapolating texts, marvelling,…) are in the foreground.

Teacher Second subject
Mr. Hertges French
Mr. Löbel German, Catholic Religion
Mr. Wenderoth History

Kant-dictionary. Central terms are elucidated.

German association for philosophy.


The subject association of philosophy of Schleswig-Holstein

A philosophy-magazine.