Learning workshop online

Online support at the learning workshop for the 5th and 6th grade
In the current situation, many pupils need more intensive support in achieving their school goals.
One way to help them do this, is to make the learning workshop digitally accessible.
In this Corona school year, we had a few students in each 5th and 6th grade class who took advantage of the learning workshop offer in presence. At the moment, however, it makes sense to open it up digitally to the rest of the students at the orientation level.
In practice, they will then have the opportunity to enter a video conference room in IServ at the time of the regular learning workshop and receive additional support there.
So for example in the areas of

  • homework help
  • improving independent learning
  • dealing with digital media or
  • catching up and deepening subject content.

In the digital learning workshop, a teacher will be present to help students with difficulties and answer questions.