Information Science


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Head of Information Science: Mrs Sörensen (Sö)

Department of Information Science

The German word “Informatik” was built from the German word “Information” and “Mathematik”. The subject information science is quite more than just that:
Information science is a very versatile subject, which is getting more and more important for university courses and professions. In addition to programming and software engineering, the internet, data bases & artificial intelligence and working on a computer are also big parts of this subject.
Information Science is no longer a subject for geeks and nerds. It is a possibility to learn about the digital world and shape this.
Information science has been taught at the AVS as a pilot project since the school year 2022/2023 in the 5th grade. In doing so, basics in dealing with emails, text processing and spreadsheets are taught. On top of this, we are working with Scratch and the calliope microcontroller.
In the middle classes, information science is part of the elective subject “MINT” (STEM). In the senior classes information science can be chosen as a second science.
Teacher Second subject
Mr Erhardt History, Mathematics
Mr Kruse Mathematics, Physics
Mrs Sörensen Mathematics, Physics
Mrs Timmermann Protestant Religion, Drama, Mathematics