„For every minute you’re angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.“

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Subject chair: Martina Hustedt (Hu)


English Department

If you want to communicate on an international level, English is the most important language today. That’s why reliable control is an important prerequisite to manage your study or profession successfully.

At the AVS the students learn English from the 5th grade onwards. Thus the students consolidate and intensify their prior knowledge that they’ve learned in elementary school.

In the orientation stage, the children learn to talk about daily life and learn many things about the everyday life of their peers in the UK. For this we mainly use the textbook Green Line.

In middle school, teaching continues on the basis of textbooks. Here the cultural and historical conditions of other English speaking countries are in focus. By means of English and American youth novels the students are deepening their linguistic and regional knowledge and skills and get their first experiences with literature lessons in a foreign language.

In the senoir classes, the English knowledge is extended and solidified, so that students can later deal with academic and professional contexts confidently. The focus of the lessons is the in-depth examination of authentic materials on different topics. Thus the students expand their language competence on a professional and academic level.

In all grades, the focus is always on the ability to communicate with others in the foreign language successfully. To learn this from the very beginning, the language in class is English continously. The students get the opportunity to try out and expand their language skills in different contexts and situations of communication constantly.

Digital media support learning in English classes in a variety of ways, whether it is practicing vocabulary, repeating grammatical structures, or creating texts, films, or other products. In this connection, the students not only expand and strengthen their English skills, but also learn new techniques and practice using digital tools.

A lot of students in grades 5-9 participate in the Big Challenge Competition annually, where they can demonstrate their skills and compete with others in their age group.

Beginning in seventh grade, the students can participate in English language geography classes (“Bili“) upon recommendation . By working on the various topics of geography lessons in the foreign language, the students train their expressiveness and vocabulary in a special degree.

Grades 5-9: Big Challenge Competition

Teacher Second subject
Mrs Blöcher Art
Mrs Dancker Geography
Mr Frahm Physical Education
Mrs Freuling Religious Education
Mrs Graeper Religion
Mrs Hoffmann Geography
Mrs Hoffmann Spanish, Physical Education
Mrs Hustedt Biology
Mrs Kopp Physical Education
Mrs Manderfeld History
Mrs Meyer History
Mrs Pöhl German
Mrs Raab Music
Mrs Reimers Geography
Mrs Rentzow German
Mrs Röper Biology, Chemistry
Mrs Rosengarth History
Mr Sieberns Physical Education
Mrs Veit Geography
Mrs Wykowski Spanish

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