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The AVS has been awarded the title “Digital Model School” and is one of a total of 113 schools in Schleswig-Holstein. This is not surprising, because digitisation is a top priority at our school. We not only have a high-performance WiFi network covering the whole area, but also our own digital work platform, several media and computer rooms, a class set of tablets with an Electronic Classroom Solution from Samsung, two dedicated tablet classes and laptops that can be borrowed.

Since the 2016/17 school year, lessons have been held in the so-called tablet class with iPads at the AVS and, if you ask students and teachers, it is a success story.

The tablet class offers a further profile in the orientation level, which focuses heavily on digital learning and dealing with media materials. The platform used is Apple’s iPad along with the Apple Pencil. From the reviews and experiences of other users, especially schools, this tablet is both robust and fast. The feeling of writing with the pen is close to the feeling of paper and pen and the range of educational applications is diverse. To register for the tablet class, a fee must be paid, which includes both the purchase and the insurance of the tablet (if you already have an iPad with Apple Pencil, you can of course also use it for the lessons.). Thanks to close cooperation with our contractual partners, it is possible to pay off the tablet in installments. If you choose the tablet class despite a difficult financial situation, we can also support you in paying for the tablet. For further information you are welcome to contact us. However, the investment is worth it: With the help of the tablet, the students work on maths tasks or English vocabulary more effectively and learn in a much more motivated way. Teaching materials are processed and discussed in digital format. In addition, there is internet research and learning with special apps, which not only make the lessons more interesting but also more interactive and allow the students to stay focused for longer.

Furthermore,, there is internet research and learning with special apps, which not only make the lessons more interesting but also more interactive and allow the students to stay focused for longer. The school has an extensive electricity and WiFi network, which guarantees all-round supply for the tablets. Homework can no longer be forgotten and the satchel stays in order.

The equipment at the AVS consists of the media rooms, which are mainly used to present results and watch films relevant to the school, and the computer rooms, in which the students can research independently and learn how to use modern media in an understandable and close-up manner. From the 10th grade (E-phase) onwards (G9 11th grade), computer science lessons are also held here, which deal with the in-depth use of computers (programming, components, etc.). The tablets and laptops that can be borrowed are also very helpful and can transform any classroom into a computer room. The school also provides projectors that can be borrowed, so that presentations can be made anywhere. Our modern WiFi network promotes the trend towards BYOD (bring your own device). Pupils should be able to use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop to enrich the lesson with multimedia.

In addition to the many digital possibilities directly in the school, there is another major advantage of our school in this area: IServ and WebUntis.

  • IServ is a kind of intranet for our school. It is specially designed for schools and not only promotes communication via e-mail between students and teachers (e.g. for questions about lesson content or organizational matters), but also represents a digital center for teaching materials of all kinds. Pupils can take a look at the school’s diary here and even have it integrated into their own calendar on their mobile phone. It is particularly helpful for students to create their own desktops. Your own files are not deleted after the computer shuts down, but are saved for the student on the main server at school. The desktop can be called up from any PC in the school and work can continue immediately. Even at home, the students can conveniently access their own data.
  • In addition to IServ, our school also has the WebUntis system, which keeps the students up to date on the substitution plan. In the associated app, the child can always see which lessons are due tomorrow and whether or not some of them are taking place with a substitute teacher. The system is also understandable at a glance and can be used immediately.

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