“ Let the main object of this, our didactic, be as follows:
To seek and to find a method of instruction, by which teachers may teach less,
but learners may learn more, by which schools may be the scene of less noise, aversion, and useless labour, but of more leisure, enjoyment, and solid progress, and through which the Christian community may have less darkness, perplexity, and dissension, but in contrast to that more light, order, peace, and rest.“

The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius, p.1


Head of Biology: Kerstin Röper (Rp), Peter Seidenspinner (Sp)

Department of Biology

Biology is a science that deals with life.
The humans were already intrigued by the living as far back as in the ancient times. They tried to find explanations for this phenomenon in the supernatural. By new inventions from the 16th and 17th century (e.g. the microscope) this way of thinking disappeared. Biology developed to a purely describing science. Not until the 19th century biology emerged to an analytic science. These days biology is necessary in many aspects of our society. It is an important aspect of agriculture, medicine and environmental technology. But it also can be part of psychology and artificial intelligence.
That’s why this biology has to be a broadly equipped science. It is structured into many parts e.g. anthropology, zoology, physiology, immunobiology, neurobiology, genetics, ecology and evolution.
Applied with the right biological principles you can understand many phenomena and problems of the biology itself – adaptation, diversity, structure and function, information and communication, interaction between living beings and reproduction. Basic biological principles shape a fundamental knowledge that is imparted to students by us. It makes it possible for students to classify new knowledge and understand coherences.
In order to teach the requirements of the state Schleswig-Holstein, tried and trusted, but also multimedia methods are used.

Teacher Second subject
Mr. Bartnik Geography
Mrs. Ecke Music lessons
Mrs Hustedt English
Mrs. Nazaruk Chemistry
Mrs Röper English, Chemistry
Mr. Seidenspinner Chemistry
Mrs. Strecker Chemistry, Physical Education
Mr. Thias Physical Education
Mrs. Wallich Geography