“I don’t need to remind you how important music is because it has the power to create and support the highest emotions of which human beings are capable of.“

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi


Subject chair: Andreas Reinke (Rk)

Department of music

Music is taught at the AVS from grade 5. A major focus is on making music yourself: on instruments, with the voice, with objects.
Below you can find out about our other possible topics and possible activities.
In the upper classes you can also choose music as a profile subject.

• Making music in class, singing, listening
• Instrument knowledge
• Elementary music theory
• The lives of composers
• Music history (classical and pop)
• Styles of rock / pop music
• Music theatre (opera – operetta – musical)

• Window concert (twice a year)
• Choir singing (e.g. SEL Choir)
• Various musical offers as part of the OGTS
• Performances at the Christmas service
• Performances of musicals
• Performances of music on different school occasions (e.g. celebrating the start of our new pupils in year 5)
• Trips to concerts, musicals, operas

Making music encourages
• social skills.
• the development of intelligence and cognitive skills.
• the ability to concentrate.
• musical ability and achievement.
• greater emotional stability and reduced anxiety.
• a positive learning environment and a closer connection to the school environment.

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