“To face nature and testing one‘ s ingenuity with its riddles gives life an unexpected meaning.”

Alfred Wegener


Head of geography: Nina Reschner (Re)

Department of geography

Geography is the subject that is responsible for the “description of the earth”, meaning that till the A level the globe, maps and atlases are used frequently. In the 5th grade an atlas licence can be acquired.
A part of the description of the earth is also the knowledge of how we and the humans live all over the world. In this context the cooperation with PLAN international and our godchildren Saniba (Mali) and Shaku (Sierra Leone) is also very nice.
Geography deals with a lot of “regions”. As these are located right in front of our doorstep, geographical excursions, which are tailored to each class specifically, are made regularly.
In the 8th grade a computer presentation is created in cooperation with the subjects of German and Maths for the topic of their class trip (IKTG).
As a special class it is also possible to learn Geography in English in the “bilingual-class“ at the AVS..

In the 5th grade during the introduction of learning to deal with maps, it is possible to acquire the “Atlas license“.
Students in the middle classes have the opportunity to take part in in the “DIERECKE WISSEN“ competition.

Teacher Second subject
Mr. Bartnik Biology
Mrs. Carstens German
Mrs. Dancker English
Mr. Hertlein WiPo
Mrs. Hoffmann English
Mrs. Kaiser German
Mrs. Knuth French
Mrs. Reimers English
Mrs. Reschner German
Mrs. Veit English
Mrs. Wallich Biology

Here are the requirements for the subject geography as a download: