“Science starts to get interesting as soon as it starts to end.”

Justus von Liebig (1803-73), German chemist


Head of the department: Franziska Nazaruk (Na), Peter Seidenspinner (Sp)

Department of Chemistry

Context-based issues are analyzed in a technical inquiring and crucial evaluative way in the subject Chemistry. Possible topics are

  • Chemistry replaces the food taster!
  • What happens witch our trash? Is burnt really annihilated?
  • Fire and flame – wanted and unwanted burnings?
  • Acids and solutions – not only caustic!
  • Chocolate – a wholefood?
  • Mobile energy for phone and co.

Subject Requirements Chemistry


Teacher Second Subject
Mrs Kriech Mathematics
Mrs Nazaruk Biology
Mr Seidenspinner Biology
Mrs Röper English, Biology
Mrs Strecker Sport, Biology